5 places you need to fish before you die!

We put the question out to our Mad Keen Team – Where is your dream/top of the bucket list place to fish. We were stoked to see the variety of responses come through! A couple of our team members had a hard time choosing just one destination though! Check out what some of our team had to say about their dream places to fish!   The Kimberley Coast: Ernie and Sam “Our dream would be to be abroad a mothership or at one of the read more

Bream Hunters Classic Round 2 Wrap Up

Well, what tough day on the water for all the competitors in @Getaway Outdoors WA Bream Classic, JML Anglers alliance Round 2 Mandurah. Despite the trying conditions there was an impressive field of 26 boats.  Shane Owens and Graeme Kovacevich  took out first place with a hefty bag of 4 bream at 4.290kg, and the big bream prize with a solid 1.070kg.  Congratulations boyz 2nd place went to team Lowrance/Tackle tactics with 4 fish at 2.640kg 3rd read more

3 Days spent fishing costal creeks and blue water action.......

Well what a blast the last 3 days were. We left Dundee Wednesday afternoon and headed out to some costal creeks and blue water action. Want to thank "The Law" Naish for being a dead set good bloke and putting the trip together. Had some ruff weather the first day heading to our first creek, the only job I had to do was put the bungs in and I may of possibly forgot to do read more

I’m mad keen for cleaning up our oceans!

It saddens me to see what we are doing to our ocean. As Australians we are surrounded by some of the most pristine beaches and oceans in the world. But for how long? With cities expanding and country towns shrinking, the impact on our coastline has never be so under treat just from pollution plastics and micro plastics.  If you jump online and search plastic oceans you will see what happens to 8 million tons of plastic each year, it ends up in our oceans read more

Tackle Storage Tips

As any Mad Keen angler knows, when the fish are on, or your mate calls you to go fishing asap, you need to grab your gear and bolt! Having your tackle and fishing accessories organised can mean you are ready for any scenario and to cast a line with the right rod, reel, rig or lure as soon as you reach your spot. The last thing you want to be doing is sorting through a mess of lures, bags, messy tackle boxes and otherwise disorganised chaos! That means you want to keep your fishing tackle organised. In this article, read more

The Weight For Bream

They say that 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish, a concept that i struggled to get my head around when i first got into Bream fishing. As i learn more and more, i can really see that this rings true. A simple mistake made by many, is selecting the wrong size and style of jig head. I will try to give you some insight in what works for me in this blog.   Know your target It's really the most important step. By knowing what your going to fish read more

Bream Hunters Classic Wrap Up

Last weekend Mad Keen team member Craig Wise competed in the Bream Hunters Classic in Wester Australia. After a tough competition trying to snag good sized Bream, Craig and his mate Didz placed in 6th place with 4 fish weighing a total of 1.865kg, with only a difference of 110g into the top 5. We caught up with Craig post competition and got the low down on the event and what happened. Check it out below! Setting off for the competition, Craig and his read more

The Kakadu Klash Preparation

Mad Keen team member Aaron (AKA the Team Joker) is preparing for the exclusive upcoming fishing competition Kakadu Barra Klash that is taking place from March 21st – March 24th in Kakadu, Northern Territory. Aaron is no stranger to fishing competitions however; it wasn’t until last year when he was first invited to compete in two exclusive competitions in NT that him and his team have become a force to be reckoned with. The invitation to compete both last year’s competition and this year’s means a lot to Aaron, “It means a lot to me because in the competitions read more


Understanding the right beach formations is incredibly important for fishing. Beaches can feel like featureless deserts if you don't know what to look for. So if you are Mad Keen to catch more fish from the beach, read on as Sean (Skip) Thompson from our Mad Keen team describes what to look for. Holes, gutters, channels, spits, rips, sweep, outer banks... fishing has a vocabulary all of its own. But they really aren't that complicated to understand, or spot. Reading a beach is critical to success, so here are a few key locations and things to look for read more

Ifish and Evolution fishing charters kalbarri

Earlier this year, Paul Worstling and his crew were on a mission to fish as much of the West Australian coast as they could for episode 12 of IFish.  From Kununurra in the far north to Esperance down south, that's around 3,500km of coast line, Paul is no stranger when it comes to fishing these waters, rubbing shoulders with some big name target species such as GTs in Exmouth, WA Dhu fish at the Abrolhos Islands, and big Samson fish off the coast of Cervantes. It's no secret read more

Exploring the Elliot

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been on the water, but I finally managed to get out in the boat with a mate to go on the search for some angry red estuary jacks. The Elliot is a system I've never fished before, so it was good to be able to get the first glimpse of it with someone who had an intimate knowledge of the lay of the land…and when you know where to go, then it’s just a matter of getting your timing right. …And timing is everything when it comes to fishing read more

Barra Fishing Keeps me sane!

I managed to find a sweet spot yesterday afternoon where we plucked off 3 nice barramundi between 88 & 93cm. With all of the fresh in our local creek and river systems after the rain, & dropping water temps as we move into winter, it made for a challenge. This particular spot had good salt content on a distinct colour change with a noticeable temperature rise from surrounding water. Barra love this type of environment to ambush their prey. We were pleasantly surprised to see the sidescan confirm our observations with a healthy school of approx 15 Barra. read more

Barra therapy

A few days after competing in the Palmerston Game Fishing Clubs 22nd Barra Nationals (already spending a week on the Daly) my Brother in law Michael flew in with his family for a bit of this Barra therapy, So I had geared up this plan for something special. A trip down to the Moyle river located approximately 150kms south of Dundee by boat which would of only seen a hand full of boats for the start of the year, as Channel Island boat ramp is still closed due to road damage. Was looking good until read more


Factors to consider when deciding on a move when fishing. “Should I stay or should I go…” this title from an old classic song by The Clash is just as relevant to fishing when you are deciding on whether a change of spot is in order. If you are never sure and want a few pointers to help you decide, read on to see what Skip from our Team Mad Keen has to say on the topic. FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE There are a couple of schools of thought on staying or moving from a spot. The first, read more

Target Species Jungle Perch

6:00am, the alarm goes off but was unsuccessful as I lay wide awake, unable to sleep, knowing the adventures that lie ahead!! I launch out of bed, dress myself, have a quick feed and wait patiently for Zac to arrive. Hearing the knock on the door, I race toward and almost rip the hinges off the door with a rod, bag and water bottle in my hands, before jumping in the car, keen as a bean! After a few hours drive consisting of many laughs, jokes and stories, we had arrived at the first spot. We both exit the car read more

Barramundi - madness or sanity!

I took a round off work to spend with my family and head out fishing for my favourite fish to catch... Barramundi. Unfortunately TC Debbie had other plans for me. It hasn't been until the last week that the tides have been favourable for me to chase saltwater barra in the estuaries around Mackay. Despite the strong winds and persistent showers, nothing was stopping me from heading out for a fish on these perfect tides! The first day I headed out with my son, fellow MAD KEEN team member Corey, and our mate Zac. read more

Live baiting for Spanish mackerel

It's been a pretty quiet season on the Gold Coast for Spanish mackerel, but there have still been a few nice fish getting about. I decided with the season being so quiet, that instead of trolling my usual deep diving lures I would concentrate on using live baits to increase my chances of playing with the razor gang! When trolling live baits, I will troll one just below the surface and another on a downrigger. I normally set my surface live bait approximately 30m back from the boat. I then set my downrigger 20m back, and the depth will be different each time read more

Family Fishin' Fun on Darwin Harbour

Took the family out for the day on the water yesterday, was hoping to do a spot of camping in the boat overnight but weather was not in our favour. We got on the water early to try to push wide before the storm rocked up but was a little to lumpy for the kids so we ran back into the cover of the harbour. Checked out a few wrecks (not much activity) and headed over to a few rock ledges where we encountered these little fellas obviously chasing bait. As we saw a few of them dart under read more

Chasing post flood barra

When heavy rainfall swells the upper reaches and tributaries of most river systems, barra (after hopefully spawning the next generation downstream) are trying to make their way back up into the creeks and billabongs to chill out and grow fat before the next years rains prompt them to travel downstream again. If you know where to go and can get your timing right, there can be some exhilarating fishing on offer! So, read more

Family Fun

With some good weather finally forecast, and on a weekend that I was home with no fixed plans, saw me hooking up the boat and taking the whole family out for a run. After being hassled by the 'misses' with her big game talk of how she can out fish me, I decided it was time to make her work for it, and see if she could 'walk the walk' as well. I decided to take them out to the shipping channel to see if I could get a proper bend in their rods! For those who don't know about read more

Solo marlin mission

  Impassioned is an understatement when describing how I feel about chasing marlin this time of year...It's the best feeling, and so rewarding to bring one of these prize fish along side the 5m tinny - let alone whilst fishing solo! There's so much going on...from keeping the boat straight whilst setting your lures, then watching for birds, checking the sounder for bait, temp, depth and all while making decisions on directions to travel. On a recent trip, I decided to troll a depth of 50m heading north from the seaway. I based my decision on seeing read more

Happy new year

With a bit of time off during the silly season brought with it an opportunity to spend a few days fishing out of Mackay with a good mate Luke Willoughby, having a few days up our sleeve aloud us to focus on a couple verity of styles and places from working the shallow and deep shoals to surface fishing the islands. With a successful first day on the shoals catching everything from cobia,lipper,giant herring even a mid summer snapper my only let down was I wanted a diamond trevally so bad I managed to hook read more

In Search of the Infamous 20kg+ Kalbarri Mullaway

  Location Kalbarri Western Australia is by far one of the most exciting places for land base fishing and chasing the magic 20kg+ mulloway. Situated in the Midwest, 592km from Perth and 267km from my home town Geraldton, it’s a perfect destination to target these prized and sometimes elusive fish. Kalbarri is also known for jumbo tailor (Greenbacks), snapper, bald chin grouper, tuna and mackerel from its famous cliff gorges. Access to these grounds are restricted to Quad bikes only and 4x4 are strictly prohibited to protect this rugged but beautiful coast line. Fortunately, a good friend read more

HOP OUT OF THE BOAT: Land based fishing tips.

Like most Mad Keen anglers I love my boat fishing as much as the next guy. In fact within 3 weeks of getting bitten by the fishing bug in 1997, I was towing a brand new boat home from from Sydney to Canberra (which is where I lived at the time). Owning a boat does open so many more options for you and gives you access to a wealth of technology from GPS and sidescan sounders, to water temperature readings, radars, devices to stimulate fish feeding and more. In fact sometimes we get so addicted and reliant on this read more

Broadhurst beginnings

I can literally count the number of times I get out to the reef on one hand, so I jumped at the chance to head out when the impromptu offer landed in my lap on Friday afternoon.I wasn't the least bit prepared tackle wise, and so was extremely grateful to the boys for their offer to be able to use their gear. The five a.m. beach launch went off without a hitch and we were soon skimming across the glassy seas leaving the plagues of bloodthirsty mosquitos in our wake! Initially we had planned to meet with another read more

Flathead trolling

A few short and simple tips for trolling for flathead. Don't you love that feeling? You've been trolling a couple of lures out the back of the boat and have just switched off, taking in the local scenery or laughing at your mates story, when suddenly you are brought back to reality by the scream of your reel! If you as as Mad Keen as Sean (Skip) Thompson on trolling for flathead then you might have experienced this too. Or perhaps you are keen to experience it? To help both newcomers and more experienced anglers catch read more

Flats fun

This trip I was mad keen on getting the boat out of the deep water and onto the shallow reef flats of the gbr where there is a variety of fish ranging from large gt and trout ready to wreck you in the reef within seconds of hooking them to the aerial show of the lure thieving lagoon Marlin puts on. On arriving at the reef just after dawn and a hour into the run we found ourself getting onto a hot bit strait away, within the first few cast a gt shot out from behind a read more

Flatty Fanatic

Flatties are a very exciting species to chase on plastics for all experienced Mad Keen anglers and also for beginners. I personally am Mad Keen for these fish due to the challenge of hunting out where they would be hiding at different stages of the tide and and not knowing whether you might tangle with a 40cm fish or a metery. When I'm on the hunt for a feed of flatty I like to start on a shallow flat around a creek mouth slowly retrieving my plastic with a slow roll, maintaining contact with the read more

Rock Fishing Tips

In this "how to" article Sean (Skip) Thompson from Ontour Fishing Australia gives us the low down on the right equipment for fishing the rocks. Whether you are a Mad Keen rock angler or have always wanted to explore the rocks but are not quite sure how, this article will have something for you.  Rock Fishing Tips With rock fishing considered amongst our most dangerous sports, safety is always your number 1 priority. Assuming you put your safety first, rock fishing provides you with an exciting variety of fish as well as multiple options read more

Flathead classic prefish vs LongTail Tuna

Recently we decided to head to the juminpin bar for a couple of hours to prefish for the upcoming flathead classic so with a couple of rods on board one for shallow water work and another for deep water flathead jigging we proceeded to look for bait inside the bar . It was a glorious day with little wind and no swell so we decided to take a quick look outside the bar for any signs of the tuna that have been hanging around for the past month . It wasn't long before we spotted large schools of bait then not read more

Live Baiting in the Rivers

I finished school on Friday with some great expectations of the size of the Barra we thought we would land for the Bowen fishing Classic. We headed to one of our favourite spots in Bowen and flicked for hours each day. Unfortunately, regardless of the lures we flicked in the area, nothing paid off. We tried - Imitate Bait 6" pink hybrids, Zerek Live Shrimp, Duos and Samaki Vibelicious. The next morning we tried again with no success, leading us to change tactics. After bogging the car on the beach, we headed out to a local Bowen island. There read more

The drought at Stange

This month myself and three mates (Luke,Gus and Brock) done a trip to stanage bay QLD that we started planning about 6 month ago with a plan of chasing gt offshore if the weather was good or hitting the creeks around thirsty sound if the weather was bad. With everything booked,planned and tackle sorted with months turning to weeks and weeks turning to days the excitement was high as the forecast was showing we had scored near perfect weather for our whole trip on top of building tides with a full moon towards the end of our read more

One of the most exciting forms of fishing

Live baiting has to be one of the most exciting forms of fishing for big predatory fish, with attention to detail a must. Planning your trip in advance will increase your chances of success. A good live well tank with rounded edges is essential to keep your bait as lively as possible. The rounded edges will also keep them moving around instead of bunching up in the corners. Attention to aeration is of the utmost importance. The best way to do this is to have a pump system where water gets pumped in from the top read more

A few good bream

Started the arvo looking for a nice jack up some smaller creeks in the Kolan, ended up dropping 1 freight train in a deep snag 😤, I guess he will be there for next time, I hope😰. Might head back there on some smaller tides, as was a tad hard to fish because the water was pouring through. There where also a few good bream around today, they had a taste for Matt Tuffy ‘s Imitate baits 4-inch hybrid rigged with a Evolution jig head, will definitely throw them around again in the near future. With daylight fading read more

Old ground new tricks

Well what a way to spend another brake at home more strong winds again but accompanied by rain and even a 5.8 earthquake. At this point I figured any chance to get out for a fish this brake would be a challenge, but as the ground stopped shaking and the skies cleared and the tress stopped bending over I thought this could be my chance for a fish. But then a new challenge arrived, with only the weekend left of my brake the misses had planned a trip to Mackay to see family and to go shopping and read more


With all the resent rain we've had lately I thought I'd fish a couple of rivers north of Geraldton which have produce some 45+ bream over the years, my thinking was that the rain we've had lately might get them feeding on smaller native fish washed down from pools up river, as most of the good snags are inaccessible by farm land i had to search through some thick bush land to find a suitable spot. Arriving at 5pm just in time for the the dusk bite time my expectations where high , I would normally throw lures around in this situation but read more


In this "how to" article, Skip from Ontour Fishing Australia gives us the low down on how to catch that elusive beachworm! Beachworms are probably THE no 1 bait on the beach for everything from whiting to Mulloway! So if you are a Mad Keen beach angler that has always struggled to get these slimey critters, this article is a must for you! 10 Steps to beachworm Success 1. Use a strong smelling stinkbait like pilchards or red fleshed fish like mullet or tailor fish frames in a bag on a rope. 2. Use a firm read more


Well I have to say over the last month I've had so much fun chasing the bream and for me being on the water just before day break armed with a rod reel and most of all a popper and a micro jig is the best way to start a day. Depending on the day I will either throw these poppers at jetties moored boats bridges or one favourite is to drift over one of the many sand banks in the Broadwater firing long casts and then working them back in 1-3 ft. of water. working banks with broken read more


In this "how to" article, the first in our new e-newsletter series, Skip from Ontour Fishing Australia gives us the low down on the right equipment for fishing the beach. Whether you are a Mad Keen beach angler or have always wanted to fish the beach but are not quite sure how, this article will have something for you. GEARING UP 4 BEACH FISHING: using the right equipment So often I see or hear of anglers going down the beach with 8-9 foot "general purpose" gear, thick heavy line, short traces and the wrong hooks. They get a read more

South West Rocks, rocks!!

I was Mad Keen to hit swr to chase some early season snapper with my two eldest lads recently, I am pleased to say we were n't disappointed. We (myself and my sons Seth and Nate) got on the water at sunrise, our chosen grounds for the day were only 20 minutes south so it wasnt long before i had the first snapper of the morning onboard, ...first cast infact!. We caught and released literally dozens of snapper up to 60cm, not huge fish but alot of fun on light spin gear when there is plenty of them. We decided to read more

I could live here!

We recently visited South West Rocks for a week, what we found was an unspoilt thriving fishery including estuary, beach/rock and offshore/game fishing dependant on season. One thing is for certain, no matter what time of the year you visit there is always something happening. We were lucky enough to find a heap of pre season snapper to about 60cm during a trip offshore which were alot of fun on light gear. Later in the day we came across some solid mac tuna which was great for Seth and Nate as they hadnt caught tuna before. read more