These purpose-designed camouflaged fishing shirts are intended to make you a more successful angler! Comfortable, well-fitted, long-wearing and low-maintenance, their unique reverse-countershaded camouflage pattern breaks up your outline, conceals your presence and lets you sneak closer to wary fish. But there’s more to it than that:

COMFORT: My Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear shirts from Mad Keen are designed to fit comfortably at all times, even when you’re involved in the more strenuous aspects of fishing and boating. This includes repeated casting with any style of gear, climbing in and out of boats and kayaks, pulling anchors or crab pots, throwing cast nets and scrambling up and down steep river banks or rocky headlands.

FIT: Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear shirts are designed to fit generous Aussie frames and they all carry accurate, Australian-based sizing descriptions… No more second-guessing! The sleeves are extra long, too. Combined with our unique cuff design, this means they won’t ride up and constantly expose your wrists and forearms. But you can also roll the sleeves up and button them in place whenever you wish… Two shirts in one… Truly the best of both worlds!

SUN PROTECTION: My shirts are your first line of defence against the Aussie sun’s harsh rays. To further enhance the fabric’s inherent SPF rating, every shirt is treated with a special UPF coating that’s absorbed into the fibres, making my SFF shirts the best protection you’ll get without staying indoors. You can actually feel the difference in the shirts when they’re new. Don’t worry, yours will soften in the wash... but you must admit, it’s great to know they’ve got that added sun protection. 

WASH & WEAR: If you’re anything like me, you’d much rather be out fishing than doing the washing and ironing! My SFF shirts are designed to make life simpler. They dry super-fast and don’t require ironing… Ever! On an extended trip, simply jump under the shower with your shirt on at the end of the day, soap it up, rinse it out and hang it to dry… It’ll be ready to wear again in a few hours! (Drying time depends on ambient temperatures and humidity.) This means you can pack less clothing, leaving room for more of the really important stuff, like reels, rods, lures and flies!

SNAG RESISTANCE: No angler enjoys getting snagged! My shirts are specifically designed not to snag and catch lines, lures and ropes. Check out the neat flap concealing the button on the mid-sleeve, and the lack of studs, loops and fastenings on the outside of the pockets. If you’re a fly caster, or like to throw a cast net to catch bait, you’ll really appreciate these extra little touches.

DURABILITY: My shirts are specifically designed to soften and fade slightly with repeated washing and wearing. This is a natural phenomenon, and actually magnifies their inbuilt finesse factor by enhancing the camouflage effect and reducing rustling. Over the years, these garments will become a “second skin” that feels like an old friend every time you pick them up. Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear is with you for the long run.