My personal philosophy on fishing can be summarised in a single word: finesse.

I firmly believe that the application of intelligence, cunning, subterfuge and subtlety — in other words, finesse — to every aspect of the fishing process can and will dramatically improve your day-to-day catch rates. (You can read more about this finesse approach to fishing here.)

For me, this concept of finesse carries through to the clothing I wear on and around the water, as well as the gear and accessories I choose to carry. My aim is always to see fish without being seen by them, and I approach this challenge in the full knowledge that most of the fish species I hunt have excellent vision. (You can read more about the sense of sight in fish here.)

This is the primary philosophy that underpins my full range of Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear from Mad Keen: the desire to remain undetected by the fish I hunt.

Naturally, comfort, function, fit and personal wellbeing are also paramount factors in the design of my Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear. These garments are intended to be comfortable to wear all day long, in a wide range of weather conditions, and to dry quickly after washing. Furthermore, they’re designed to allow freedom of movement and facilitate casting or paddling a kayak, as well as reducing the likelihood of tangling and snagging lines, lures, cast nets and other equipment usedin the fishing process… And of course, they provide excellent protection from the sun’s potentially harmful ultra-violet radiation (they’re rated SPF-50+).

Luckily, none of these very practical considerations rule out looking good! We’d like to believe that my SFF gear is also stylish and fashionable… in the boat, on the bank, or at the bar or restaurant afterwards, while reliving all the day’s action.


Camouflage is intended to make the wearer less visible… Its purpose is as simple as that. It does this by mimicking background terrain, and also by breaking up, distorting or blurring the outline, shape and silhouette of the wearer. Click here to read an intresting anecdote on this point.

While its aim is simple enough, the art of camouflage is actually an extremely complex science. Military researchers, hunting apparel designers, naturalists and others have invested huge amounts of time, effort and money into the study of camouflage and shape-masking.

One thing that quickly becomes obvious when you look at this research and combine it with decades of practical observations in the field and on the water (as I’ve done) is that all camouflage is not created equal. Some patterns work much better than others, and different environments demand varying approaches. Desert camouflage doesn’t perform well in the jungle, and vice-versa.

The camouflage patterns and shading gradients used in my Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear have been designed to work in a wide range of aquatic scenarios: from freshwater streams to the open ocean. The combination of colours, reflective water patterns and reverse counter-shading have been proven to help mask an angler’s presence from the fish that he or she is stalking. This is the philosophy of finesse being applied at its most practical and useful level… and we reckon it’ll help make you a more successful fisher!