Quality fishing clothing needs to cleverly combine form with function. It should be comfortable, long-wearing and allow plenty of freedom for movement, regardless of how strenuous your fishing activities might become.

Smart fishing apparel needs to protect you from the elements, especially the sun’s damaging ultra-violet radiation… But it also needs to look good in those all-important fishing photos!

If, as a final important bonus, your clothing can actually reduce your visibility to wary fish, ALL the boxes have been ticked. That’s the ambitious goal we believe we’ve achieved and exceeded with my exclusive line of Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear clothing from Mad Keen.

I spent a long time on and around the water perfecting this purpose- designed gear, and I didn’t put my name to the final product until I was 100% happy with every aspect of it. I truly believe that wearing my SFF clothing will make you a better, happier and safer angler.

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